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Now It's Easy to Find the Signs You Need for the Chemicals You Use

Chemicals commonly found in many workplaces require signs or labels to identify potential hazards, but defining which signs to use for each chemical is a challenge. That's why this Safety Sign Selector will show you relevant signs for many common chemicals.

Depending on your operation, you may need signs addressing hazards and health risks, required PPE, handling procedures or transportation instructions as required by regulatory bodies including OSHA, GHS, NFPA, DOT, DOD and more.

Safety Data Sheets are the best source for details on safe chemical use. We analyzed Safety Data Sheets for the most common industrial chemicals to identify appropriate hazard warning signs and labels. The result is a unique ComplianceSigns Chemical Safety Collection for each chemical, which can include:

  • NFPA hazard diamonds
  • GHS labels
  • Hazmat warnings
  • PPE notices
  • DOT placards
  • Pipe markers
  • Emergency information
  • Other warnings indicated on the SDS

You'll have to decide which specific signs, labels or placards you need for your operation, but our chemical sign selector will quickly show you a collection of safety signs related to any chemical in the list below. It's easy!   Follow the steps below to get started, or get more information on chemical safety signs.

How To Use Our Chemical Sign Selector Tool:

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Chemical Safety in the Workplace

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that hundreds of private industry workers die from exposure to harmful substances or environments every year, including chemicals and other biohazards. In 2017, these hazards contributed to 37,110 nonfatal injuries/illnesses involving days away form work. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) defines a hazardous chemical as any chemical which can cause a physical or health hazard, and requires employers to communicate these hazards to workers. has developed a variety of chemical safety resources that help explain chemical safety sign rules and requirements, including resource bulletins and articles on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), NFPA 704 hazmat diamonds, hazchem identification, aircraft hazmat, pipe marking standards, Department of Defense (DoD) Fire Division requirements, and much more. Use the links below to learn more about chemical safety sign requirements.


Chemical Safety Resources: