Custom Background Color & Symbol & Arrow & Text Signs and Labels

Step 1- Select Background

Step 2 - Select Symbol (optional)

Step 3 - Arrow (optional)

Step 4 - Enter Text

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Design Your Own Custom Workplace Sign or Label - It's Easy!

Using this generator, you can design a custom sign and order it quickly from See a preview, Email a preview to a friend - or simply complete your design, add to cart and order. It's that easy! If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at 1-800-578-1245 or at - we'll be happy to assist.

To design your sign or label, follow these simple steps. Once you complete the design, proceed to the product information page to select the size and material you want for your sign. From there, you can add to cart and place your order.

Step 1: Select a Background

We offer many color and border options for your sign or label. Select your background from the drop-down list and it will appear on the sign image at right.

Step 2: Select a Symbol (optional)

First, select a Symbol Group such as body hazards, GHS, or Fire. Your selection determines which symbols you'll see.
Next, use the Symbol drop-down menu to browse and select a symbol. Your selection will appear on the sign canvas at right.

Step 3: Select an Arrow (optional)

First, select an arrow style.
Next, select a color for your arrow. Match or contrast with the text - it's your choice.

Step 4: Enter Your Sign Text

Text areas are defined for you - 2 blocks for signs with arrows, 3 blocks for text-only signs. Just enter and format the text as you would like it to appear on your sign. Options include color, bold, italic, text size and justification.

Proofread and Preview Your Sign

Use the Spell Check tool to check for spelling errors, then Preview your sign to be sure it looks the way you want. You can also emal your sign to yourself or someone else for review, or save it as a draft to retrieve later.

Proceed to Size and Material Selection

When you're happy with your design, click the Proceed button to select the size, material and quantity you want to order. Once selected, you can Add to Cart to order - it's that simple!


Other Custom Sign Options:

Make Custom OSHA or ANSI signs with Text and Symbols here.

Can't make exactly what you need? We can make a custom sign or label for you - just give us a call: (800) 578-1245