Fire Equipment / Extinguisher Signs & Labels

The location of fire extinguishers and other vital fire equipment needs to be easily distinguishable in every facility. Be prepared for fires and other emergencies by posting signs or labels near these items. Readiness can save lives and minimize damage, so mark your fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers and more today. Have a question or prefer ordering by phone? Contact our live, US-based sales team at (800) 578-1245 or

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For FIRE EXTINGUISHER and FIRE EQUIPMENT signs and labels, you've come to the right place:

Preparation is the best way to deal with fire hazards. Fire safety training, fire hazard signs and appropriate fire extinguishers are a must. Easy-to-read Fire Extinguisher and Fire Equipment signs and labels from will make your fire extinguishers and other fire equipment (hoses, hydrants, alarms, blankets, etc.) easy to find - and can make the difference between safety and disaster if a fire breaks out in your workplace. Cleary marked fire extinguishers and fire equipment will help you comply with OSHA requirements and protect your employees and property. (Learn more about fire extinguishers below.)

Our industrial grade fire extinguisher and equipment signs can surface mount or project from the wall or ceiling. We also have signs and labels in standard or glow-in-the-dark finish. Many are available in English and bilingual formats.

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Fire Extinguisher Information:

  • Fire needs fuel, oxygen and heat to burn. Fire extinguishers remove one of these elements so the fire will die, either by cooling the fuel or removing or displacing the oxygen around the fire.
  • When using a fire extinguisher, remember to PASS: Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, Sweep side to side.

Use these links to learn more about fire extinguisher types and use, OSHA requirements and when to replace your extinguishers:

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