Pipeline / Utility Signs & Labels

Almost everyone around the world uses or benefits from pipelines and/or utility lines on a daily basis. Being oblivious to them in certain situations can have devastating consequences, though. Appropriate pipeline markers, underground utility signs, and the like range from informative to preventative in their purpose, so be sure you have everything you need posted. Underground cable signs to warn diggers of potentially deadly shocks, pipe markers to help workers maintain your facility, gas pipeline labels that prevent explosions, and more are all here. Have a question or prefer ordering by phone? Contact our live, US-based sales team at (800) 578-1245 or sales@compliancesigns.com

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For Underground Pipeline and Cable Utility Signage you've come to the right place: ComplianceSigns.com.

Clearly marking underground utility lines can help avoid excavation accidents that lead to deaths, injuries, service interruptions, environmental damage and liability. Here you'll find products for marking gas pipelines, water and sewer lines, petroleum pipelines and more. Our utility marking posts can also be used for 9-1-1 emergency markers or anywhere else a strong, flexible marking post is needed. For more information on utility marking, see the resource links below.


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Pipeline and Buried Utility Line Resources: